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We cater to Coeliac and gluten intolerant customers who seek a safe place to eat, and where their requirements are looked after.  That said, we assure all our customers that our dishes taste as good for everyone regardless of any dietary restrictions. We started with only pizza and pasta, but we have quickly moved on to more mainstream dishes where we continue to serve the gluten-free options. On our menu, we indicate whether dishes are gluten-free or not. For instance, our burgers are gluten-free, but the bun is not so that you can order your burger with or without the bun. We bake homemade gluten-free bread, all pasta, burgers, our meats and seafood are gluten-free as well as a good selection of sauces. Our dessert menu also indicates whether our dishes contain gluten or not. Please inform our staff if you are gluten intolerant, so we can be extra attentive.

We are increasingly aware of our drinks menu and their gluten-containing properties. There are certain gins and vodkas that are gluten-free and that we have available.